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Dear Thermospa:


My husband bought me a Thermospa in 1999 because I suffer from Rheumatoid Arthritis. Although the hot tub has done wonders for my joint pain, little did I know how much it would help me physically as well as emotionally in the months that would follow.


One week before Thanksgiving in 1999, I learned I had cancer and would have to have an operation to remove the cancerous tumor. Major reconstructive surgery followed and the months that followed was a traumatic time for me as well as my entire family. Many nights I lay awake thinking of my future and prognosis. The thought of dying from cancer and leaving my family was a frightening issue to confront. I can’t tell you have many times I sat in my ThermoSpa alone at night. The time spent in it helped me to relax as well as enjoy the sounds of the night and the beautiful sight of the evening stars.


Soaking in the spa allowed not only for the healing aspects of my body to occur, but also a healing of my spirit as well. I am not claiming that the hot tub healed me of the cancer, but it certainly helped me to relax and feel emotionally at peace. I could go into all the physiological affects that a hot tub can offer people, but my ThermoSpa has given so much more.


There is something to be said about sitting outside under the evening stars looking up at the heavens and seeing a shoot star, and soaking in the best made hot tub in America!


Thank you ThermoSpa for giving me the best present money can buy! I will never be without my ThermoSpa Concord Deluxe again!


Maureen Schlicker

Lake Grove, NY

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Wednesday, 30 May 2007

Written by Maureen Schlicker

Quality, Fun, Appearance
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